Project Description


The Community Initiative to Reduce Gun Violence (CIRGV) seeks to reduce group-related gun violence and homicides in Dayton, Trotwood, and Montgomery County. CIRGV provides life changing supportive services to individuals that desire positive transformation in their life, and engages the moral voice of the community to promote a neighborhood standard that openly values life and safety while denouncing gun violence. Law enforcement supports CIRGV through enhanced multi-jurisdictional policing efforts.

Through the coordination of Community, Law Enforcement, and Services teams, CIRGV disrupts the cycle of violence by:

  • Clearly informing the public and those involved in high risk life styles of the consequences of gun violence and its impact to the community
  • Empowering the community to be a moral voice that conveys messages speaking out against gun violence
  • Engaging gun violence survivors and their families in educating the public on the impact of gun violence
  • Providing life changing supportive services to those who want out of the cycle of violence
  • Improving communication and coordination among multi-jurisdictional law enforcement agencies
CIRGV Intake Form

Supportive Services

The services intervention develops strategies that engage individuals associated with violent life styles to change their trajectory so that they become productive members of the community. Services are provided through street advocates and a case manager who have access to a network of social service organizations that offer a range of programs that assist the target population with transitioning from a life of violence.

Do you know someone:

Who routinely possess or carries a firearm without a CCW?

Who is a self-identified gang/group member?

Who lives in a community with a high potential for gun violence?

Who is affiliated with a group with high potential for gun violence?

Ready for a change from violence?

Are you experiencing violence or have been involved in a violent lifestyle and want to make a change? If you identify as a gang/group member, live in a community with a high potential for violence, or are/have been involved in a violent situation, please contact the CIRGV street advocates at: 937-694-2465.


A critical component of these programs involves community outreach and engagement to inform the public and those involved in high risk life styles of the consequences of gun violence and to give the community a vehicle to make positive changes in their lives and in their neighborhoods.  As part of an ongoing strategy to change community norms around accepting a culture of violence, we are initiating a public awareness campaign titled #Live withHonor” to focus on positive behaviors for young adults and youth to emulate. The #LivewithHonor campaign promotes a visible and public message around changing negative social and community norms; supports a safe and peaceful community; and encourages positive behavior in our homes, schools, and neighborhood. #LivewithHonor promotes the value of respect and how, as a community, we must learn it, live it, and lead it.

  • Get Your Gear (contact the HRC office at 937-333-1403)
  • Take the 30 second Video Challenge (Find #livewithonor on Facebook and post your thoughts on what living with honor means to you)
  • Share our Flyer (hang it in your classroom, workplace, business window)
  • Download a #LivewithHonor Seal and share it on your web site, in your email footer, e-newsletter or on social media.
  • Host an Event (The Human Relations Council will provide financial support to groups and organizations that would like to host a #livewithhonor event i.e. block party, community meal, dialogue. Funding is limited and contingent on how events align with the #livewithhonor message).


The more residents that get involved in their community, the better the City of Dayton will be.
The Human Relations Council offers opportunities for individuals and organizations to make an impact and promote equality and harmony in Dayton, Ohio.